Dravidanism – The fault line of Tamil society Part-I

Source: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Periyar_with_Jinnah_and_Ambedkar.JPG

One of the balkanising forces that creeps through the fault line of ignorance is the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu in the mind of few Tamils.

To trace the roots of this, one has to move a century backwards. E V Ramaswamy a pseudo reformer was very much a pioneer to this ideology. The British who were very much successful in their ‘divide and rule’ policy adopted various different strategies. These strategies were based on place, demography and time. One of those is the Dravidian thought used for creating separate identity for Tamil Nadu which acted as the breakwater structure for the national movement. There are enough evidence for E V Ramaswamy to have close acquaintance with Jinnah to call for a seperate nation Dravidisthan , this was also a prime reason why Dr. Ambedkar did not associate himself with EVR in the upliftment of the deprived. Dravidian theory is a cooked up story which is without any clear evidence in the pages of history. It emphasizes on Aryan invasion ( DNA research disproved this concept) which is purely based on difference in color. And now this Dravidian concept had taken a new dimension claiming Tamil was much prior to Hinduism. This is again a dense statement claimed by missionary funded politicians.

While on the other hand various freedom fighters and visionaries like Shri. Subrahmanya Bharati, the most decorated Tamil poet after Kamban had a very clear vision about India and it’s togetherness after independence. In his poems he iterates this several times as ” Long live Tamil, long live Bharat”. During the rule of ‘Karikaala cholan‘ -The greatest king of the early Chola dynasty ( before 100 BCE) had built and renovated many Shiva temples standing majestically tall even now. Tracing the origin of the language Tamil, which is closely associated with The God of Warriors – Karthikeya ( 6 prime Gods of Hindu worship). It is also clear that all the southern rulers way back from Sangam age ( before 500 BCE) are closely associated to Hinduism. Be it Pandyas, Pallavas or Cholas. They also went beyond the seas to Srilanka and Indonesia to propagate Tamil and Saivisam. They also built massive temples in Combodia and Indonesia. The present so-called Tamil patriots are no where near to the ancient Tamil rulers. Also, the separatists who are influenced by the west funding are either dense or desperate in propagating the false theory of `Hinduism creeping into Tamil which were originally separate’. They exist together and go hand in hand.

To be continued …

All references for the series will be attached along with the final conclusive article

Written By Shivkumar, a student of IIT Madras