An ideal Swayamsevak – Pt.Deendayal Upadhyay.

Pundit Deen Dayal Upaadhyaaya
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World’s economical and social scenario is dominated by 2 ideologies-Communism and Capitalism. But these ideologies are not human centric. The founder of such ideology-‘Integral Humanism’ which keeps human being at the center stage was Pt.Deendayal Upadhyay. Today we commemorate his 51st death anniversary.

Fondly known as Panditji, Deendayalji was born on 25th September 1916 in a small village named Chandrabhan. His father was an astrologer who predicted at his birth a life of great scholar, thinker and selfless worker. Orphaned at an age of 8, he was raised by his maternal uncle. He studied at Sikar where the Maharaja of Sikar gave him a gold medal, Rs. 250 for books and a monthly scholarship of Rs.10. For his B.A he joined Sanatan Dharma College where he met Baluji Mahashabde who introduced him to RSS.

This was a turning point in the life of young Deendayalji. He met Dr.Hedgewar who was deeply impressed by his intellect and dedication. He then attended the 40-day summer vacation RSS camp at Nagpur where he underwent training in Sangh Education. After completing third-year training in the RSS, he became a lifelong pracharak of the RSS. He worked as the pracharak for the Lakhimpur district and, from 1955, as the joint prant pracharak (regional organiser) for Uttar Pradesh. He was termed as an ideal swayamsevak as his thoughts and actions reflected the core ideology of RSS- selfless service of the nation and upliftment of society.

He established the publishing house ‘Rashtra Dharma Prakashan’ in Lucknow and launched the monthly magazine ‘Rashtra Dharma’ to propound the principles he held sacred. Later he launched the weekly ‘Panchjanya’ and still later the daily ‘Swadesh’. In 1950, Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee, then Minister at the Center, opposed the Nehru-Liaquat pact and resigned his Cabinet post and joined the opposition to build a common front of democratic forces. Dr.Mookerjee sought Shri. Guruji’s help in organizing dedicated young men to pursue the work at the political level.

Pandit Deendayalji convened on September 21, 1951 a political convention of UP and founded the state unit of the new party, Bharatiya Jana Sangh. Pandit. Deendayalji was the moving spirit and Dr. Mookerjee presided over the first all-India convention held on October 21, 1951.

He believed that to judge the economical status of the society the lowermost strata should be taken into account. He formulated the ideology of Jansangh on the basis of Antyodaya-Upliftment of the weakest section of the society. A profound thinker, he devloped this indigenous economic model.

Pandit Deendayalji’s organizing skills were unmatched. Finally came the red letter day in the annals of the Jana Sangh when this utterly unassuming leader of the party was raised to the high position of President in the year 1968. On assuming this tremendous responsibility Deendayalji went to the South with the message of Jana Sangh.

He was murdered under mysterious circumstances on 11 February 1968 while travelling from Lucknow to Patna by Sealdah Express. His body was found near Mughalsarai railway station in Uttar Pradesh (Renamed as Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Station in 2017). A formal CBI investigation took place and linked the death to an attempt to robbery as his items were missing. Many still suspect a foul play in his death and it’s still an unsolved mystery. Whatever maybe the intent, Bharat Mata lost her gem of a son to the cruel hands of destiny. May his Aatma find Param Shanti and may his life inspire us to serve our motherland selflessly.

The Mughal Sarai Jn was renamed as Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Jn in 2017 by CM Yogi Adityanath

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