Securing the civilization: Broad framework

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Just like on any usual day I was going through my YouTube feed and there popped up this video of Dr Subramanian Swamy. I was always intrigued by the way our civilization has been hammered by foreign invaders since 1000 AD first by Islamic invaders and then came the ideological elder brother of Islam, Christianity to loot, plunder and convert to their religion and way of life.

We have been quite a success in defending ourselves from the onslaught by both Islam and Christianity when we see at the other examples where these ideologies went to conquer. They simply converted the whole population to their religion and way of living 100% in most of the parts. Examples for this are abound such as Europe, Egypt, Iraq etc. Living testimony to the resistance our ancestors showed to them is in the land we still have and the Dharma that we still follow. Sure, we lost considerable part of the land and shrank in percentage as population but unlike most other civilization where these invading ideologies went we are still here resisting the attempts which want us to leave the Dharma. How long we can is a question in the belly of time. It is time to get our acts together to secure and defend our civilization.

But how do we secure the civilization? Any civilization.

Any civilization which wants not to be obliterated to UNESCO list only has to have the control of these three institutions — Schools, Temples & Family.

I have taken the term Idea of India from RCI to address the machination that we are facing now here in Bharat. It has characteristics of those foreign invaders which has imperialistic ruling mindset. Most of our current leaders specially the ones espousing Hindutva lacks it. IOI uses the education to make our kids behave in certain ways and controls our places of worship and family through policy and legal framework to make us something we are not — homogenized disciplined zombies.

What can be done to resist this and as an alternative to replace the IOI?
Here is what could be possibly done —
1. Absolute Parity in education sector
2. No sectarian division of public purse(apply pro-rata)
3. Wrest control of temples to Community back
4. Take out native practices out of PIL(without locus standi)

Here the point preceding the others gives us chance to work upon it further and we can get things done mentioned below it.
For instance if we have equal rights in education sector then we can teach our kids and train them in such a way that they can fight against sectarian purse. Likewise our kids can take the control of temple back if they are taught in such a way that they understand the importance of temple. They can secure our practices/customs/traditions which is point 4.

So we can get things done — anything and everything — if we have autonomy in education.

Now let’s do it reverse. Presently we don’t have control over what our kids are taught. This value-ed(what is non value education by the way?), experiential learning(bogus social justice) and life skills is disaster to produce zombies. If we go further down the road, most of our leaders aren’t able to see how this sectarian purse is unheard of in any parts of the world specially against the majority community but do you see any leader worth his name talking about it?
Have you seen any mainstream politician talking of taking the control of temples out of state control and give it back to its rightful owners Hindu community? There may be sporadic cases here and there but otherwise nobody interested in legislating in this regard. Why?
How many times you have seen leaders standing shoulder to shoulder with people fighting for their traditions. Even if they are espousing the Hindutva they actually become ‘reformist’(brown sepoys?) and try to ‘civilize’ and ‘uniformalize’ the natives and their traditions. What do you think is the reason that even so called Hindutva party with powers in more than 18 states and at Center is not working on it? They can’t fear the press because we don’t want any thing pro but only parity and equal rights.

How do you test leader and party claiming to fight for you?
The test is very simple — Are you able to see how it is going to play out in future and hit us — at institutional level and then at individual level ? This is the rightful fight. This is what is worth fighting for.

You get the education back in your control and see the magic. Imagine 100 schools run by Sabarimala, Siddhi Vinayak and Tirupati Balaji each. What do you think kids coming out of them will stand for? You need the kids with saffron hue through institutions not by state. Trying to get it from state is very fragile strategy which will have in built pre-condition that you remain in power in perpetuity — simply impossible task.

What is the population of Christians in India and in any particular area. Get the list of top 25 schools and see how many of them are run by them. Why do they latch onto education? Why do they focus on education?
Because it is the best way to teach and imbibe your values to kids in their formative years and they will he molded into it for life. We can’t do the same because of article 30(1) and article 15(5) of Constitution of India and with our temples in controls of supposedly secular state. But which Hindutva leader talks about it. Ponder WHY?
The day leaders on our side get this clear in their heads (about seeing what is important and what is mere symbolism) we will get rightful place in the world. Unless that happens you can keep fighting all you want but won’t get the place we deserve and realize our potential.
Does that mean I’m opposed to things which are symbolic and ornamental in nature such as —
1. Changing names of places/monuments.
2. Removing words from preamble
3. Building temples and fighting corruption.

But if you give me article 30 and preamble I will happily choose article 30.
Because as explained earlier with article 30 I can train my kids and down the line in next decade or so we will change the preamble too and change the names of places/monuments and rebuild temples etc. But what if our kids get the education which is rooted in Hinduphobia? They will never have sense of temples, importance of monuments and places so they won’t care whether it is named X or Y.
In this demographic hump those who have education in control will get the kids molded in their favour and once you get that game is done and dusted. Your own kids would turn against you for your cultural and civilizational agenda. Do you want that?

If not then understand and fight for equal rights in education sector — mother of everything.
If we lose this we are going to lose every other thing we have, eventually.

PONDER: Which country in the world has given complete autonomy in education to minorities and heavy breath taking legal framework to majority communities? Which country has vastly disproportionate budgeting in favour of minorities? Which country claiming to be secular in its preamble controls the religious places of majority? Worst of all, symbolically, in which part of the world practices/festivities of majority community are mercilessly attacked?

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