India: Apartheid State restricting the 90% of its Population by use of English

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Today while I was going through my feeds on social media accounts I stumbled upon this news link. Anything in this news item was not to my surprise or what I have discussed when talking to people but it made me do a thread on the power of language and how India is destroying its talent pool and ways to harness it.I am surprised to see that I have not found single politician worth his name who has made the case of Indian languages in official works of State and its use replacing the remnants of Invaders from Britain, English.
So what does this new item tell us?
It says,” Hindi mother tongue of 44% in India, Bangla second most spoken.”
This tells you about a particular disease which is harming India and nobody seems to care about it who can solve it.
In 10 years span from 2001 to 2011 Hindi speakers have added 260 basis points from 41.03% to 43.63%. It is the question of the business and fundamentals that sooner or later people across the India will have to learn the Hindi out of compulsion. I would like this not to be this ‘kitab’ Hindi as used in Bollywood but ‘Pustak’ Hindi as much Sanskritized as possible which comes from Constitution. That is the way ahead. This is the effect of changing demography in India.

Government at center should go ahead with Sanskritized Hindi as per Constitution and remove the English as official language. All those who claim that it is not workable as how would States & Center communicate then answer is the way EU does.

This language barrier which stops our talent (more than 90%) from actually flourishing to change lives of family/community and in effect of nation has to go. Any leader who can champion this after detailed planning will outlive all of our leaders after 1900s in my opinion.

This will be such a life changing and civilizational renaissance that will transcend and assimilate all other progresses and good things done.

This only needs one careful planned step to make people understand that English is not something which gets you intelligence.

This messaging has to be careful and measured and sensitive to thinking of people. Learning English or for that matter any other language is good but English as a medium to learn and function in a country where 90% doesn’t understand or speak it just makes India apartheid state.

But before you can see anyone doing it, of course it has to be Politicians only, you will need someone who understands the basics so clearly that he/she does not suffer from even indirect inferiority complex.

Like recently Bureaucrat in UP in charge of Madarssa Board after seeing that Madarssa educated people could not understand notices in airport which were in english decided to modernize the Madarssa. This is not the solution. Use of the Indian languages in such places is needed.

Such hair brained and quick fix entirely in wrong direction would lead us to more friction and violence in society.
We have to see the fundamental. You can not suddenly teach 100+ Cr people English or in few decades. In any case why do you want that ? To be bodyshopper in US/West?

It was really sad to see that out of 22 Official Languages in India Sanskrit was the least spoken one. It was listed by only 24,821 people as mother tongue.That is deflated number as there would be many people knowing more than one language specially those knowing Sanskrit.

We have to reverse the changes and this is something people can not do as the game and rules are set by the people in power at the top. Only the government by its policies can do this. Today or tomorrow, BJP or somebody more sane will do it. When I see a man earning 2000 rupees per month still spending 1000 rupees per month on his kids education and his only hope is that his kid should be able to speak in good English, the heart of Bharat mata cries so loud. She cries not because half of the money earned is being spent on education in a poor family but because it is being spent to learn only a foreign language rather than subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics etc. This wrong direction of families for which blame squarely lies on Governments is the reason for such daily cries.

Let me say it again that it is not English which faces my opposition as a language being taught in schools in India but rather education in English medium which is a curse.

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